Some of the most important questions and answers 

The first thing to emphasize is that most of the information about our sacred feather crown does not come from native Mexican people, but primarily from foreigners. They come from Austrians, Germans, Swiss, Americans, Hungarians, Italians, French, Japanese ... but not Mexicans. 

They interpret our history according to their own mentality, point of view, upbringing, religion and also according to their political interests. Whoever has the means changes and falsifies according to their ideas. In this way, even the theft of sacred works of art can suddenly be considered legal. 

Ignorance, disinterest, arrogance, moneymaking and power can all lead to significant changes in history. There are always two versions: the mouth-handed story of the loser, and the “official” story from the perspective of the winners. 


That's why I've been doing it with pleasure and continuously for 35 years! 

1) Was America the "discovery" of America in 1492? Yes, only our continent was not "discovered", it was found purely by chance. And Columbus did not land in India as planned, but in America. Because of this mistake we are still called “Indians” today. 

2) Did “America” have a different name before? Yes, it had. We called our continent "Zemanahuak". That means: "Surrounded by water". 

3) Were Mexico or the continent "colonized" by the Spanish? Definitely not! It was an INVASION, not a "colonization". 

4) Was there a "conquest" of the Spaniards against the Aztecs? Never, it was the purest Holocaust! 

5) When did the invaders from Spain first come to the Aztec capital? November 08, 1519 

6) How did Moctezuma receive them? Like friends, with respect and gifts! 

7) What happened right after you arrived? Moctezuma was captured by the intruders. 

8) How long was Moctezuma a prisoner? Approx. For 8 months. 

9) Why was there an uprising against the Spaniards? In 1520 there was a very important festival called Toxkatl. The Spaniards MURDERED and MASACRATED over 10,000 Aztecs during this festival!!! Including: women, old people and children. It was about getting the GOLD that was worn as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras, pendants, etc. 

10) Was Moctezuma against his own people? No way! That is only said by the Spaniards. 

11) Did the Aztecs or the Spaniards kill Moctezuma? The Spaniard Fernando Cortés did it! Cortés even had the last Aztec emperor Kuauhtemok (24 years old) hanged in southern Mexico! 

12) Did the Aztecs throw stones at Moctezuma? No! The stones were meant for the Spaniards! 

13) In German and English one says "Moctezuma", in Spanish "Moctezuma". Which name is correct? Neither of them. The correct name is: Motekuhzuma, a word from the Aztec language, the Nahuatl. The Europeans did not understand our language and therefore changed many words. 

14) Is it a feather crown or a "headdress"? M FEATHER CROWN! It symbolizes spiritual, political and social power. This crown was only used on SPECIAL events, such as rituals and ceremonies. Like the Pope's miter or the headgear of the Dalai Lama of Tibet. 

15) What was the original name for the crown? Ueyi Kopilli Ketzalli. That means: VERY VESTED PRECIOUS CROWN 

16) WHY was it made? To demonstrate the wisdom of whoever was allowed to wear it. 

17) What are the proportions of the crown? Width: 175 cm, height 116 cm 

18) How much does this feather crown cost, which is a UNIQUE? Originally it was estimated by the Austrians at $ 50 million. In the meantime, it has become world famous through our public relations work. The value has probably risen to 500 million euros.... 

19) Why is the return of this sacred feather crown so important? Because a new ERA of culture and respect will begin based on our own cultures. 

20) Did Moctezuma also use tiaras? Yes, depending on the occasion. There were different ones made of gold, especially with jade, rock crystal, obsidan stone, malachite, amber, turquoise, etc. The Pope also wears different headgear and not just the miter. 

21) Were there a lot of feather crowns? Yes, THOUSANDS! Each was different depending on the title of the person who wore it. What is special about the crown of Moctezuma is the quetzal feathers, the GOLD and the number 400, which means eternity. 400-quetzal feathers and gold ... that's roughly equivalent to an army “general” with 7 stars! 

22) WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THE FEATHERS? They are sacred because this bird symbolizes u. a. Freedom, dualism, beauty, and loyalty. Its colors are blue, green, red and yellow. The number four is again sacred because it symbolizes the four cardinal points. 

23) Could EVERYONE have a crown? NO! And certainly not from the Quetzal. You weren't allowed to touch the feathers yet ... If someone did, it was punished, possibly even death! 

24) Was it possible to BUY a SPRING CROWN? NO! Totally impossible! 

25) WERE they "normal" FEATHERS, or were they specially treated? They were processed in such a way that they were durable! 

26) Was the feather crown given as a “gift” to the invader Cortés?     NO WAY! Would the Pope “give away” his holy miter? 

27) Was his name "Hernan" Cortés? No. The correct name was: Fernando Cortez Pizarro. Francisco Pizarro, was the one who destroyed the Incas in South America, came from the same family. 

28) When did the feather crown come to Spain? In 1522 as a gift from Cortés to Charles V, King of Spain and Emperor of: Austria, Germany, Hungary and Belgium, referred to as such: Charles the Ist. 

29) How did the crown come to Austria? About the Habsburgs from Madrid. The palace of the ruling family of the Habsburgs was in Vienna, the crown was sent from Madrid to Vienna at the end of 1523. 

30) Who does this feather crown belong to? MEXICO!!! Nobody else!! 

31) How many false names did the feather crown "have" during the many years in Austria? "Exotic hood", "Moerischer HUET", "Standard", "Skirt", "Cap", "Coat", "Headdress", "Priest headdress", "Feather fan", "Headgear", "Reverse currency" (on the Badge worn on the back), "curiosity" u. a. 

32) What happened to the helmet, the Quetzal head MADE OF PURE GOLD that the feather crown had? STOLEN in Austria!!! 

33) What other pieces of GOLD does the feather crown have? 1600 small pieces, of which 1171 are STILL original! 

34) What feathers is the crown made of? Originally quetzal, kotinga, roseate spoonbill, fox cuckoo. Now also the kingfisher, as no kotinga feathers could be found for the restoration. 

35) How many long feathers does the Aztec crown have? Originally EXACTLY 400. No less, no more. In the meantime, the number has changed due to restorations. The number 400 is a very important number in the Aztec world. It means: infinity. 

36) Was the crown as FLAT as it looks TODAY? NO! She was completely different. 

37) Does an Aztec crown have to look the same as the crowns from Europe? NO! Different cultures - different crowns! E.g. the Japanese emperor, the Chinese emperor, the Dalai Lama, Indian chiefs from the north etc. All heads of the whole world have their OWN CROWNS that have nothing to do with the European crowns. Why should ALL crowns be "SAME" as those from Austria - Germany - England - France or Hungary? 

Jesus, Dornenkrone
Julius Caesar, Rom
Dalai Lama, Tibet
Chief Sitting Bull, Nordamerika
Königspaar, Malaysia
Maharadscha, Indien
Pharao, Ägypten
Königskrone, Spanien
Kaiser, China
Päpstliche Mitra, Rom
Zar, Russland
Scheich, Arabien
Schah, Iran
Reichskrone, Schatzkammer Wien

38) Is this crown equally important, less important or MORE IMPORTANT than an imperial or royal crown from Europe? Much more important! The Emperor of Europe is a person of politics’ power and not a spiritual leader! 

39) When was it first mentioned that the feather crown is in Austria? The daughter of Moctezuma, TEKUICHPO, had been abducted to Spain. But she kept in contact with her relatives. It was through them that we received this information in Mexico, the knowledge was passed on through mouth-handed history! 

40) Did MOTHS destroy the crown? Well There was a lot of damage because of moths! Moth powder was even used later! 

41) Is it true that this crown is only one among a thousand others? True, there were a great many of them. But not a single one was like THIS CROWN !!! Again the example of the Pope. There are cardinals, archbishops, bishops, etc. So, there are VERY MANY headgear ... but the Pope's MITRA ... only exists ONCE. 

42) Is the HEIGHT or the climate of Madrid, Innsbruck, Vienna or Switzerland suitable for such a feather crown? NO! Not at all. It is much too deep (approx. 670 m). The feather crown belongs at a height like Mexico City (approx. 2,240 m). 

43) Can you prove by DOCUMENTS that the feather crown belongs to the Aztecs? No, because the Spanish burned ALL documents! But neither can the Austrians prove that OUR feather crown belongs to them. They said that it "suddenly" appeared out of nowhere "and somehow" in Innsbruck ... But the feathers and the type of processing can ONLY BE FROM THE AZTEC!!! 

44) Did the Austrians want to exchange Maximilian von Habsburg's golden carriage for the crown?

Not long! That was just a trick to gain TIME until the crown was restored, with the great SUPPORT of MEXICANS ... because alone ... the Austrians would not have made it! 

45) Is the feather crown safe in Austria or Vienna? NO! No safer than a museum in Mexico! 

On November 27, 1992, 400 emergency services were busy bringing the flames in the Hofburg under control. The cause of the fire could never be clarified. 

The most spectacular art theft in Austria: On May 11, 2003 the Saliera disappeared from the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

46) Why did the museum change its name in 2013? Völkerkundemuseum Wien in “Weltmuseum Wien”? Because of us. We make for them a lot of Publicity WORLWIDE!!! Although the name fits better-World Museum of Stolen goods Vienna!!! 

They do big business with our SACRAL culture the Austrians!!! Posters, films, books, entrances, bags, bulk donors, pillows, slides, tours and so on and so on. You even get LOTS of money for “sponsorships” of individual art objects, our sacred objects! 

47) Who said that the crown is not transportable? Johann Wassermann, a university professor from Vienna. THIS IS A PURE EXCUSE NOT TO GIVE IT BACK TO US! 

48) Can it be transported safely? Would the "vibrations" "destroy" them? Of course, it can be transported safely! Because if that were different, it would have been broken and damaged long ago by the many SHOWS with DANCES and DRUMS, by the exhibition 1946-1947 in Zurich and 1960 in the Wiener Artist house, and by the many movements during the investigations 2010-2012. 

Unsecured and exposed to the fire air, the feather crown is held on a window ledge ... 

After the improper transport to Zurich, Switzerland for the exhibition "Masterpieces from Austria" (?!), The feather crown was severely damaged ... 

49) Has the government of Mexico ever officially asked for the return of the feather crown? Unfortunately, no! In 1938 Mexico officially protested against Hitler's German troops marching into Austria. So, they have a moral duty to us!!!  

50) Did the INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History) officially ask for the return of the Aztec crown in 1993? Yes! But this is an institute, not the government directly. The request was not taken seriously. In order to cope with the restoration, however, they were asked for support. 

51) Mexicans don't pay admission to the museum? Right. But only for  few years ago. Before that, I ALWAYS PAYED HUNDREDS OF TIMES FOR all of our people!!! 

52) The UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) documentary “The headdress of Moctezuma, plumes from the old old Mexico. what can be said about it? The film is nice, but ... NOT A SINGLE Native American was allowed to participate. All of the cast were either Austrians (who paid a lot for the film) or Mexicans from the OFFICIAL SITE. Nobody spokes the Aztec language or had any knowledge of the tradition. I was not invited to participate either.