Vienna says NO! 

According to a report by the Technical University (TU) Vienna, a container would be necessary to transport the Krone, which would require an airplane 350 (!) Meters in length. It is therefore not transportable. 

1)   "Keiko", the five-ton orca whale from the film "Free Willy" was relocated alive together with TONS of ICE and WATER from Mexico City in a Hercules transport plane to Oregon, and a few years later even to Iceland. The killer whale was transported alive four times by plane!

2)   The second explosive nitroglycerin or explosives such as TNT can be transported accident-free! 

3)   Living organs or limbs are transported and transplanted! 

Of course, our feather crown can also be transported without it being damaged!

Our crown shouldn't be safe in Mexico? 

Half of the Hofburg burned down in November 1992! The museum is part of the Hofburg. It was sheer luck that nothing happened to our Crown!!! 

In May 2003 the “Saliera” disappeared from the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, a valuable and beautiful goldsmith's work by Benvenuto Cellini. She was just carried away! The officers did not respond to the alarm!!! 

Accidents can happen anywhere. Vienna is the best example of this! 

On November 27, 1992, 400 emergency services were busy bringing the flames in the Hofburg under control. The cause of the fire could never be clarified. 

The most spectacular art theft in Austria: On May 11, 2003 the Saliera disappeared from the Kunsthistorisches Museum 

In Austria our crown was eaten by moths, broken feathers tied back with string, normal glue was used, the valuable helmet "disappeared", another plume as well ... and for a very long time they did not even know that it was a crown! They thought a standard or apron like women use ... The climate in Austria and the HEIGHT are not yet suitable for this type of feathers! 

For a photo session it was exposed to the air without protection and only attached with needles and presented upright on a balcony! What if she had plunged deep? For an exhibition with the ridiculous name "Masterpieces from Austria" (?!) She was transported to Zurich, Switzerland. Considerable damage was found after improper handling!!! 

Unsecured and exposed to the fire air, the feather crown is held on a window ledge… 

After the improper transport to Zurich, Switzerland for the exhibition "Masterpieces from Austria" (?!), The feather crown was severely damaged ...For a photo session it was exposed to the air without protection and only attached with needles and presented upright on a balcony!  

As a result of the 2010-2012 examinations, the crown was moved so much and MUCH that it would have to be destroyed long ago if the Vienna report were correct!!! 

It was moved to a glass plate with the help of a polyester film (!) in order to photograph the back!  How did this slide get under? And how did it get away again? – A LOT OF VIBRATIONS!!! 

She was transferred to a plate with round, removable openings to get to the back! How did she come up with this record? And how did she get away from there? Lifted or pulled? – VIBRATIONS!!!

And if that's not enough: Concerts, fashion shows, dance competitions as well as rock and pop festivals are regularly presented in the pillared hall directly in the museum, with drums, dances, Japanese gong... and much more!!!! Vibrations without end in the small museum building with marble walls all around. The museum itself is SMALL. 

The noise of the music, the vibrations of the many drums, the applause and especially the dances from Spain, Greece, Mexico and India can be heard and felt hundreds of meters away! And that's not all: concerts were held in the same room and only one 4 Feet away where the feather crown was on display!!! 

It is possible that VERY soon another Mexican delegation will be brought in to repair the crown again!!! 

The Austrians believe that if they have pieces from other cultures, they have culture of their own! Therefore, they adorn themselves with strange feathers! 

They would lose a lot of money that they earn with our and other cultures! They sell tickets, bags, pillows, books, postcards, cups, glasses cleaning cloths, bottle openers, candy boxes, toys, make-up bags and mirrors, mouse pads and the like. All with the image of our feather crown! Link to: Shop 

And what's more: A beer “Penacho” (headdress), as our holy crown has been disrespectfully called for some time. 

           Steven Engelsman, Director 2012-2017                                                                                                                              Christian Feest, Director 2004-2010

Plus, some CHEAP circus shows or “highlights” in the middle of the museum where our sacred feather crown is located: cheap, grotesque, bizarre, insulting and far from culture or ethnology! A "human sacrifice of the Aztecs" is celebrated in very poor NOT Aztec "costumes" and colors! A "heart" is cut from the chest, accompanied by a lot of blood! What a cheap theater!!! ... with the FULL SUPPORT of the director and the general director!!! …a real SCHAME.